Top 5 best attractions for nightlife activities in Washington

The capital city of the United States of America, Washington city! Is not just a city of government affairs, the Washington city also has quiet adventures within the city. The city is very busy during day time but Washington nightlife is quite fascinating if you visit the right places at the right time. Washington nightlife includes drinking, eating, gambling, watching shows, rave parties, etc. If you are new in the city and do not know about some popular attractions to spend a night then this blog is just for you. This blog includes the best places for spending quality time at night.

The P.I.N.K Door

Yes! You heard it right, the place is called pink door and of course, this place is easy to find because the entrance is made up of pink doors, there are no other places with pink in the whole of Seattle. But the fact is that you just cannot walk into this place wearing anything, they have a specific aesthetic dress code theme that guests need to follow to get a table or else you are not allowed to enter (no flip flops allowed).

This place has great food and drinks but the most important part of this place is its ambience. The place has a lot of entertainment, not only dance and music but other stuff such as a gymnasium and open mic.

Jazz Alley

Jazz Alley is one of the best places to spend a night in Washington because it is a bar, and restaurant and serves as a mini-concert. The place is huge with lots of sitting arrangements. But still, this place has a long waiting list and some waiting time for tourists. Every weekend there is a celebrity singer or artist who performs in Jazz Alley. The place is perfect for viewing Washington nightlife for tourists and locals. They have special offers for their regular customers, a special kind of premium treatment and price offers for each concert.

7 Cedars

This place is one of the best and most beautiful places on this list, you may underestimate the look of this casino bar at first during daytime but this place is not made for spending day time, this place is made for Washington nightlife and spending money to win big. This place offers drinks at an affordable range not only that but there are many casino games available that you can play for free or you can just bet and play to win big between your group or other guests. The food here is great there are seven types of cuisine in the seven brothers, and the word ‘Cedar’ means brothers that’s why this place is called seven brothers too.

Pike Brewing Company

You heard it right, this place is a brewery with an unlimited supply of alcoholic drinks. This place contains many bars and restaurants, so there are many options for customers who want to spend time enjoying Washington nightlife. The club offers many games such as casino games, pool, etc. The place is great with beer everywhere around. You can visit the industrial section of the brewery and the prices of the beer are less because the beer is made by this brewing company itself.

The Crocodile

The Crocodile is one of the best clubs to host concerts featuring huge stars, the place has big captivity and is a known spot for the Washington nightlife experience. You can have great beer and other alcoholic drinks while enjoying the live music they provide. Always make sure to check which celebrity will be performing when you are visiting because the price of the tickets fluctuates accordingly.

The places mentioned above are the top-rated places to spend a quality night in Washington, these places are open till my midnight or for more hours than that, but these places are always full because of the night rave experience their customers get, do check for reservation and availability before visiting.

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