Entertain yourself with these 10 things you can do in Washington

Washington is one of the best states in the USA and is filled with greenery and adventurous spots. Apart from main city attractions, there are many locations with fewer crowds and much amusement. One can plan road trips, trekking, sightseeing, swimming, and much more. Firstly, one needs to understand the city of Washington first before visiting. There are tremendous locations which are not known to the tourists, and guide packages mainly focus on the main city and historical places not including any nature attractions. In this blog, all major natural splendid are presented to make your Washington tour more excitement.

1.Gorge Amphitheatre

The venue is world famous as the best place for helping any concert. There are no limits for the crowd, and the place is huge for any kind of show and concert. The biggest celebrities from America and Europe have performed at this place. A lush green helps people to be themselves with their friends and partners.

2.Scenic Hot Spring

The only hot spring in Washington and nearby states, is the scenic hot spring. These hot springs are up on the mountain, that’s why visitors need to do a 2 km hike to reach the spot. But remember to make reservations because some of the private owners allow only 10-20 people around for their specific place.

3.San Juan Islands

These islands are located on the border of Canadian, and American provinces. These islands are perfect spots for a honeymoon and give Maldives vibes because of the blue water and tiny resorts. There are many activities to do on these islands and the place is filled with greenery.  There are small towns on the island and the people of these towns are friendly and cooperative.

4.Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier feels like a huge mountain range straight from a cartoon scene filled with beautiful flowers and lots of trees. Wildlife is abundant in the region with a variety of flora and fauna. Not only greenery but the peak of the mountain is always white in colour. It is covered with snow and the most important thing is that this mountain is an active volcano.

5.Shi-Shi Beach

Shi-Shi Beach is considered one of the most beautiful sights in the world and one of the most known beaches in the world. This place can be called the most beautiful beach in Washington because of the environmental qualities this beach contains. To reach this place there is a 2 km flat but muddy hike.


Bellingham is full of historical places which are connected to the independence of America and the brief history of North Indians. The city is busy all year round because of the tourist attractions all around the city. Places in the city are adventurous, historical and connected with wildlife. Picnics or sightseeing can be planned successfully in Bellingham.

7.Mount St. Helens

This is another active volcano on this list, Mount St. Helens is one of the popular attractions for the tourists and locals of Washington. Trek to the top is not an easy task because the mountain contains many obstacles while climbing the range. You will also need a reservation for the climbing permit, so tourists need to do the required formalities before visiting.

8.Lake Diablo

Lake Diablo is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world with blue water and greenery all around. Many films are shot in this venue because of the beauty this lake holds. This is the highlight of the National Park, you can view everything from the top which is soothing to the eyes. The lake is not the only attraction but the waterfalls are also peak attractions during the favourable season.

9.Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula is different from all the places mentioned in this list of marvels. This place is reignited as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The place feels like a fairytale where everything seems to be fine. There are port towns filled with locals, native American sights and tourists can learn about their history.


The name says it all, enchantments are the place to capture perfect natural scenery photographs. There are 700 small lakes. Tourists are not allowed to stay overnight but they can roam and hike without any permits. These laws are made to protect the nature and wildlife of the mountain range.

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